I write

I write to breathe, to try and stop time from tripping on down the trail and around the bend without me, to give the descriptions and wandering wonderings in my head a place to curl up for a while and just be.

Jamie Lynn Heller uses poetry as her caffeine (and she needs a lot to keep up with her life of teaching, counseling, parenting, wife-ing, daughtering, aunting, neighboring, writing, and other -ings ). Her book Buried in the Suburbs was published in 2018 (Woodley Press) and received the 2019 Notable KS Book Award. Her chapbook Domesticated was published in 2015 (Finishing Line Press). She has work accepted or published at Prairie Schooner, Tule Review, Noctua Review, Gargoyle, Earth’s Daughters, Whistling Shade, The Main Street Rag, Iodine Poetry Journal, Flint Hills Review, I-70 review, Blueline, and others.

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Domesticated. Poetry From Around the House

Buried in the Suburbs (2019 Kansas Notable Book)

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Publications 2022-?

 eMerge Magazine:  https://emerge-writerscolony.org/ 

Winter 2022: One More Thing

Spring 2022: The Family Farmhouse, Blessing

Summer 2022: Slipped Under Your Door, What You Left Behind, Wombs

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Writer's Colony at Dairy Hollow - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

 A friend of mine made it possible for me to spend a week in this truly magical place!  I am very lucky and blessed and in case you didn't know about The Writer's Colony, I wanted to spread the word!


Publications 2019-2021

I-70 Review
Witness Marks
Fall 2021

Interpretations.  Columbia Art League Sponsor
What I'm trying to say is that when you come into the room
August 2021

MockingHeart Review
I Won't Knock on Your Door
June 2021

Life in My Lane: April is National Poetry Month - Will You Give Poetry a Chance? by Annie Newcomer
When the Words Come, They Feel Like a Blessing
April 2021

Johnson Country Public Library Poetry Walk and Writer's Blog
Front Windows
April 2021

Johnson Country Library Writer's Conference Notebook
I Turned My Father into a Puppet
November 2021

Universal Oneness: An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World
June 2019

Blue City Poets
Controlled Burn 
Flying Ketchup Press  https://www.flyingketchuppress.com/
April 2019

 "When the Words Come, They Feel Like a Blessing"  April 2021 Flapper Press


Thank you to Annie Newcomer for giving me the chance to contribute to this project!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

 It has been awhile since I've had a chance to "get out there" and share my writing, but I've been invited to an online FB reading May 4th with SpoFest.  I'm very excited to join this community and listen to other poets.  I've found, when my writing has slowed, listening to others seems to call my own words up again.  It's always a gift to listen.

Feel free to join us May 4th 2020 at 7:00 on Facebook Live at:  FB event page:


"See" you then!